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  • Program of the CIE Conference
  • This two-day conference will be an opportunity for the international expers to have a look through history, analyse the current state of art and issues in the lighting world. This sharing of knowledge will definitely guide CIE’s next steps towards this new century of light.
  • Conference dates and place

    Monday-Tuesday, the 15th&16th of April 2013

    Amphithéâtres Painlevé, Say and Faure
    292, rue Saint-Martin
    75003 Paris
    Métro: Réaumur Sébastopol / Arts et Métiers

  • Conference program and organisation

    The conference is co-chaired by the President of the CIE and the President of CIE-France.

    Provisionnal program (update on March 6th):

    For more information of the content of organisation of the conference:

  • Registration

    300 € (VAT Excluded) for students
    400 € (VAT Excluded) until February 17th
    500 € (VAT Excluded) from February 18th
    Gala evening
    80 € (VAT Excluded) for the conference participants
    120 € (VAT Excluded) for accompanying persons including the other social events for conference participants

    Deadline for final registration has been extended to:
    April 11th will be the last day